Oregon 3 year old dies when he finds a loaded gun

Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation mourns the death of a three-year-old Oregon boy who fatally shot himself after he found an unsecured, loaded gun. Our hearts break for the family, the friends, and the community. If you have children in your home, please reconsider gun ownership. If you choose to own a gun, secure it at all times on your person (holstered), with a cable or trigger lock, or in a safe with any keys and ammunition stored separately. The gun lobby would like us to believe that guns make us safer--but that's a lie. Civilians in the US hold 400 million guns, about 45% of all the civilian held guns in the world. All those guns are not stemming the bloodshed. In the US in 2019, a gun was used in homicide 15,208 times. 29,501 people were injured by gunshots. A gun was used 1,549 times in self-defense. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. ase in suicide, homicide, unintentional shootings, and stolen guns.

The Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation works to reduce the number of gun injuries and deaths in Oregon by educating the public and providing opportunities to dispose of unwanted firearms.
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