Covid-19 & Firearms

Oregon must anticipate a likely increase in gun crime and suicide The Covid-19 pandemic has fueled an increase in gun sales in many states, including Oregon. The reality is that a firearm in the home triples the risk of suicide in that home and doubles the risk of homicide (Anglemyer 2014). In the United States, suicides outnumber homicides almost two to one. In Oregon, the ratio is about four to one. Perhaps the real tragedy behind suicide deaths—about 30,000 a year, one for every 45 attempts—is that so many could be prevented. Research shows that whether attempters live or die depends in large part on the ready availability of highly lethal means, especially firearms.

The Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation works to reduce the number of gun injuries and deaths in Oregon by educating the public and providing opportunities to dispose of unwanted firearms.
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